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Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using this website. If you do not agree with this terms and conditions or do not understand what this means, leave now.


By accepting or using this website in any manner, including but not limited visiting or browsing the Site or contributing content or other materials to this Site you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions at our own discretion.


Please note, Worldwide Escort Directory IS NOT an escort agency. It does not negotiate or take part in any booking of any services. And it is not responsible for any of such action. We are adult entertaining platform where independent individuals can advertise.


Becoming a member you provide us with some private data filling the registration form. All this personal information we keep as TOP SECRET. Never sharing, sell or exchange with any third parties. To know more about your personal info read Privacy Policy page.


By entering and using Worldwide Escort Directory you also confirm that you are not accessing this site for the purpose of obtaining information that will be used by you or others in any capacity against the webmaster of this site, host of this site its owners and any other parties associated with Worldwide Escort Directory. By continuing past the first page and becoming a member of this site you will have released and discharged the owners and creators of this website from any and all liability which might happen.


You confirm that you are not a law enforcement agent or you do not work with criminal law at all.


Journalists and researchers wishing to engage our users must first contact an Administration of Worldwide Escort Directory. Under no circumstances are journalists or researches permitted to go undercover or make any contact with our users via private messages, e-mail or a chat. Please report if you suspect someone to be journalist or researcher not following the rules to Administrator by email


Whoever you are do not hesitate to become a part of our adult entertainment “country”. We are looking forward to see you advertise.


Also browsing and membership this website is possible only if you agree that:


- You are 18 years old or older.


- All information and details provided by you to us is true, accurate and up to date.


- You can use only your credit or debit card for services and products payment within this website.


- You will provide your own photos.


- You are responsible for the confidentiality of your password and user name. Be careful do not share this information with other people.


-You have no right to copyright trademarks or other of our intellectual property or the intellectual property of other members.


- You may not copy, broadcast, reproduce, republish, download, transmit, commercially exploit or otherwise use the content included in or provided on the site except for your own private non-commercial use.


- Keep private your personal information. For your own safety, please, do not share your real name and address where you live with other users. Or do that via private messenger. The site and its owners or creators are not responsible for any of effects that may happen.




We will not tolerate any discrimination that based on gender, race, nationality or sexuality here. All posts with inappropriate content will be deleted and users are warned, or they will be banned, all depends on a situation.


We strongly recommend not to duplicate posts in multiple locations. We will ban users who duplicate after he(she) have been warned.


Also we do not tolerate when it comes to spamming. Any user found to be sending spam private messaging will have their account banned.


Do not register as any other person or especially celebrities. Or we will ban you immediately.


Please, do not multiply your user accounts. If we feel that the user created many accounts with dishonorable purpose all duplicated profiles will be banned and the user’s original profile may be banned.


Do not try to provoke other to the bad behavior. If you do this, you will be banned.


Do not post here copyrighted materials without permission of the owner.


No pictures, images or videos which contain children under 18 should be posted! If you are found to be posting any such pictures, images or videos you will be banned, possibly permanently.


No pictures, images or videos which contain animals and humans which appear to be of a sexual should be posted. You will be banned.


Do not post nobody’s personal information here. (The real name and address of any person involved in business or any escort). You can expect to be banned if you break this rule.


Do not publish or otherwise distribute a private message with other(s) user(s) or a chat your conversation with another person without their permission.


We will not tolerate any fishing with credit or debit card which you have used in connection of any payment to You shall be personally liable for liquidation damages caused by you for any other breach the terms and conditions.


We very try to monitor all activity on throughout our directory, but we can not always detect every problem immediately, and we very appreciate any assistance you can provide us with by reporting problems or about dishonest users. Report to


Payments and refunds

Ones you paid for your VIP account and then decided to delete your account no refund will be paid.


When you pay for services and products from any third parties on Worldwide Escort Directory area, you do this at your own discretion and in a case of some negative effects all your claims should be addressed to the third party which caused this effect. If you can prove a dishonest behavior of this third party from our side we will provide you with all information we have about this seller and ban this account immediately.


You confirm by using this site that if you have lost a credit or debit card, or it has been stolen etc. which have been used for any payments to Worldwide Escort Directory is your own responsibility and a cause of your own action. We never control or see your private payment details. Payment charges are only between you and a billing service.


If you found out that some members of our directory or sites violate any of this declaration should be brought to our attention immediately. You can report by sending an e-mail to the Administration. Please, do report problem posts to us. If you do not, we may not see them!


We treat all members of our Worldwide Escort Directory with a great respect! We work so you could advertise yourself in the best way!


Please, do not waste our time by causing trouble on our message board or making invalid complains. If we fell you are purposely wasting our time, we may ban you!


We keep the right to terminate your account or profile in any reason at our own discretion or if you break terms and conditions are written above.


Also if you do not agree or do not understand these terms and conditions, please leave the site now!


Always treat other members of our community with respect!


We wish you a lot of fun, new experience and best dating ever.


Thank you for reading this term & conditions carefully.


For any matter contact us via Email:


WorldwideEscortDirectory Team

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